Annapolis, MD lights

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I spent the past weekend up in Annapolis, Maryland where I took a couple boat tours out of the harbor to three lighthouses in the Chesapeake Bay. The first tour on Saturday morning sailed out of Eastport to the Thomas Point Shoal lighthouse. My father and I got to go inside the 1875 house and learn all about its history and its future, as renovations are continuous to restore the inside back to both its 19th century setting and also the 1930’s. Complete with a faux osprey to help keep the seagulls away from the light, I also got to meet a gentleman on the boat who used to work in the light back in 1970 and hasn’t been back since. He had some great stories and pictures of back then. After spending the the rest of the day exploring the historic downtown section, I ended up taking a late afternoon cruise back out to the light for some more great photos.
My next tour was on Sunday morning, which was supposed to be cloudy and rainy. Luckily, the sun kept shining as the boat left the Annapolis dock and sailed under the Bay Bridge for some up-close views of the Sandy Point Shoal and the Baltimore Harbor lights. The lighthouse keeper tour guide gave some great history about the area and the lights and how the Baltimore light was bought by four investors, whom a few of them were out on the light painting the exterior and soaking up the sun. We then sailed back under the bridge and over to the Thomas Point light, which was now the third time I’ve been there in the last 24 hours. You could also see the Bloody Point lighthouse faintly off in the distance but not close enough for any good pictures.